MultiSeries RPG: Let'sa go to Brazil! is the second game of the saga. Will get launched before the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

Compatible consolesEdit

  • Nintendo DS
  • Wii U


Mario and Luigi are in his dinner, wen Toon Link is too much hungry (but his family don't have food), and eats with the Mario Bros. but something will happen to the group, Mario and Luigi remembered the 2014 World Cup Brazil, and all are running to Brazil.

Secret synopsisEdit

Mr. L, Sora and Fox are the secret characters in this game.


This is the characters sucefully will appear on this game.




Toon Link

Homer Simpson

Spongebob Squarepants



Normal enemies

Secret charactersEdit

Mr. L (Luigi clone)

Sora (Final Fantasy series)

Fox (Star Fox series)

MultiSeries RPG Saga
Predecessor: The Secret of the Lightsabers
Sucessor: To be announced

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