Jumpman, from 1983 called Mario, is the protagonist of the saga. With Sonic, protects Toon Link.

On 2014 will appear in Let'sa go to Brazil!, that one of the things we know about that game.

Mario of Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Other things, the Protagonists of the series will appear forever in the saga.

Mario on The Secret of the LightsabersEdit

After get absorbed by a Wirldwind, he appears on Mobius, and meets Tails.

On the Center of the World, Mario unit all the groups on 1 group, and fights Big Dark Bowser.

He can fight the secret characters.

Mario on Let'sa go to Brazil!Edit

We know he will appear on this game, from Nintendo DS and Wii U.

Mario on the third gameEdit

Will appear on the game.

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